How to Secure Your Network

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In an era where digital threats are ever-evolving, the need for robust network security solutions is non-negotiable. Navigating the complexities of network security and firewall management can be daunting, but SonicWall’s Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) emerges as a comprehensive and integrated package designed to fortify your network against both known and unknown threats. Understanding network security can be complicated, but ensuring that your network is safe from known and unknown malicious threats doesn’t have to be. SonicWall Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) simplifies the process of selecting various add-on security services by consolidating all the necessary network security services for total protection into a convenient package.

Advanced Gateway Security Suite Includes:

  • Comprehensive Advanced Threat Protection
  • Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti-spyware
  • Intrusion Prevention Service
  • Service for Content Filtering
  • Application Control

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, SonicWall takes the lead in proactive defense. Instantly detecting new threats, often before software vendors can release patches, SonicWall firewalls and the Cloud AV database receive automatic updates with cutting-edge signatures. What sets SonicWall apart is the patented Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection engine nestled within each firewall. This powerhouse scans traffic across a spectrum of application types and protocols, delivering round-the-clock protection against internal and external threats, as well as application vulnerabilities.

But SonicWall doesn’t stop there. Beyond shielding your network from potential risks, it empowers you with robust tools to enforce Internet usage policies. Take control of internal access to inappropriate, unproductive, and potentially illegal web content through comprehensive content filtering. With SonicWall, your cybersecurity is not just a shield but a dynamic force, actively shaping a secure and productive digital environment for your organization.

Layered Protection

Embrace a fortress of defense with SonicWall’s Layered Protection. In the relentless battle against cyber threats, particularly the insidious ransomware viruses, SonicWall Advanced Gateway Security Suite (AGSS) stands as your stalwart guardian. AGSS brings forth a robust arsenal, featuring a multi-engine sandbox, anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, content filtering, and application control services, seamlessly integrated into your SonicWall firewall. This layered approach ensures that the latest attacks are not just intercepted but thwarted comprehensively, fortifying your digital perimeter with unmatched security.

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Threat Protection

Elevate your defense strategy with SonicWall’s Threat Protection. Witness a paradigm shift in advanced threat detection and sandboxing through the innovation of Capture Advanced Threat Protection. This cutting-edge solution, hosted in the cloud and equipped with a multi-engine architecture, redefines the battle against unknown and zero-day attacks at the gateway. It doesn’t stop at detection; automated remediation adds an extra layer of resilience. SonicWall’s Threat Protection not only identifies threats but actively combats them, ensuring your security measures are ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Gateway Anti-Virus

Seize control over your network’s security with SonicWall’s Gateway Anti-Virus. Navigate the intricate landscape of business and non-business applications with precision, thanks to granular, application-specific policies. SonicWall empowers you with the ability to classify applications and enforce policies tailored to each, ensuring a nuanced approach to security. Take charge of your network’s integrity by managing applications with finesse, safeguarding your digital domain against potential threats while allowing legitimate activities to flourish under vigilant, application-specific policies. SonicWall’s Gateway Anti-Virus doesn’t just guard your network; it does so with intelligence and adaptability.

IPS Technology

Empower your network defense with SonicWall’s IPS Technology. Safeguard your digital realm against worms, Trojans, software vulnerabilities, and other intrusions through a meticulous scanning process. This cutting-edge technology scrutinizes every nuance of network traffic, identifying and neutralizing malicious or anomalous patterns. The result? Enhanced network reliability and performance, as SonicWall’s IPS Technology serves as an impenetrable shield against potential threats. By proactively detecting and thwarting intrusions, it not only fortifies your network but also contributes to a seamless, high-performance digital environment. With SonicWall, trust in the robust protection provided by advanced IPS Technology.

Application Control

SonicWall’s Application Control feature empowers administrators to take command of network dynamics, overseeing both business and non-business applications. Through meticulous, granular policies, it enables precise management of each application, ensuring a nuanced and controlled environment. With robust classification and policy enforcement, SonicWall serves as a vigilant guardian, allowing administrators to shape policies with precision for optimal network governance. Trust SonicWall for comprehensive control and management of your diverse application landscape

Content Filtering

Elevate safety, security, and productivity with SonicWall’s Content Filtering. Take charge by enforcing Internet use policies and blocking access to harmful or unproductive web content. SonicWall ensures a secure online environment, addressing your concerns with precision and effectiveness.

Updates & Upgrades

Safeguard your business and SonicWall investment with Updates & Upgrades. Ensure the resilience of your system through vital firmware updates and upgrades, backed by top-notch support, prompt hardware replacement, and access to electronic self-help tools. With SonicWall, fortify your digital infrastructure for lasting security and performance.

Low Cost of Ownership

Optimize your budget with SonicWall’s Low Cost of Ownership. Experience a comprehensive security platform within one affordable solution, merging security and support to minimize your total cost of ownership. Elevate the value of your investment without the need to purchase individual services separately. SonicWall streamlines affordability without compromising on the robust protection your business needs.

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